August 21, 2011 – Weekend with the Madisons at Montpelier

Title: August 21 – Weekend with the Madisons at Montpelier
Location: Montpelier, Orange, Virginia
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Description: The date is Wednesday, August 21, 1811. James Madison will receive visitors to Montpelier in the south wing of the house. This is an occasion for guests of the house to actually engage the President in conversation, in the context of his own time two hundred years ago to the day, on a variety of subjects, issues, and concerns that pertain to the political life of the nation, and the personal interests of Mr. Madison. This is a rare opportunity to meet and converse with Mr. Madison in the relatively informal setting of his home and discuss the news of the day.
Start Time: 12:00
Date: 2011-08-21
End Time: 17:00

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