December 7, 2019 – Holiday Open House at Montpelier

Time:               9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Place:              James Madison’s Montpelier

                    James Madison's Montpelier
                    11350 Constitution Highway (Route 20)
                    Montpelier Station, Virginia 22957 

Venue:            Open to Public (with paid admission)

Contact:         James Madison’s Montpelier

Telephone:     540-672-2728




The date is Tuesday, December 7, 1819. Since his retirement from the Presidency on March 4, 1817, Mr. Madison has enjoyed re-acquainting himself with the farm. But his particular enjoyment has been re-acquainting himself with family and friends at his home in Orange County. Come and partake of the festivities at Montpelier at this wonderful time of the year. Meet and converse informally with the former President of the United States and share with him your stories of the season.

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