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  1. Ron Duquette says:

    Mr. Madison – I have just returned from a visit to Western Pennsylvania, in specific, to Washington, one of the centers of the late and so-called “Whiskey Rebellion.” Those responsible there for the David Bradford House Museum, in specific, Miss Tracie Liberatore, were curious whether you would consider a visit to their site in the future, after your retirement from the office of the Chief Magistracy. Before sending them your contact information, I thought it would be only courtesy to contact you directly and see what your response might be. Unfortunately, I have had recent communications difficulties, and the previous contact information I had has PFFFT! disappeared. Please be so kind at your earliest convenience to contact me so I can then (or not) provide them with your contact information. Yr most humble, &ca…..

  2. Karen Gilbert says:

    Mr. Hall, I work for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Public Affairs Office Part of my job is scheduling speakers to come in as part of our lecture series for the workforce. Since Constitution Day is coming up in September, I would like to invite you to do your historical performance as James Madison for our work force on Sept. 18, 2014 from 11-12 (I know this is the day after Constitution Day, but I couldn’t get the auditorium on the 17th). I think it would benefit members of the Intelligence Community to hear from the “framer of the Constitution” and the trials and tribulations it took to form the government we pledge our lives to defend. Because of government cut backs in funding, our speakers have been appearing gratis and unfortunately I will have to ask the same of you, but I think you will find this a rewarding experience as I think will our workforce.

    I plan on attending your appearance at the McLean Community Center this Sunday so hopefully we can talk more on the subject. The ODNI office is actually down the street from the Center.


    Karen Gilbert
    ODNI Public Affairs

  3. Hello, dear Mr. Hall/Mr. Madison, sir:) I hope that all is well with you. I also desperately hope that this email gets to you.
    This is Sarah Everett, your fellow friend and James Madison enthusiast here at JMU:) My final semester has begun well, yet it has been very busy. I have tried to call you, but have found you are not available. I hope that I am not disturbing you. I have two inquiries, both of which are of extreme importance.
    The first is with regard to your plans for Oct. 13th, 1812 at Montpelier’s War of 1812 seminars. Will you be there? I have been asked by a JMU group to go as Madison, yet I will verily not consent to go if you will already be there as Madison. If you will be there, I may (if transportation admits) go to Montpelier that weekend for the seminars just as myself so that I may see yourself and Mr. Ketcham:)
    My second inquiry is much more immediate, however. I wanted to humbly ask you if within the next few weeks I might have the pleasure of having a phone interview or a personal interview (if you could come to JMU?) with you regarding the nature of your particular experience of solo/individual historical reenactment/interpretation as Madison. I am a theatre major (though I know that historical interpretation is not theatrical), and I am doing my Senior Seminar Thesis on this subject. I am wanting to interview three different reenactors in this career choice to add to my research. I would like to interview Mr. Bill Barker as well, should he find the time. You have already given me much of your knowledge in discussing some of these thoughts and ideas, I know, yet I am in need of a formal discussion for this project.
    If you might be able to help me in this endeavor, dear Mr. Hall, sir, I would be forever in your debt. I believe you, above anyone else, would be able to give me tremendous insight as well as advice into the nature of solo historical performance as a career option for my future.
    Please call me at 907-957-0460 or email me so that we may connect in the mysterious ways of technology to work this out:)
    God Bless you, Mr. Hall/Mr. Madison, sir:)
    Sincerely, I am Yr. Obt. Srvt.
    Sarah Everett

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